STEYR DMR 762 – a Marksman’s rifle

The STEYR DMR 762, a true Designated Marksman Rifle, breaches the gap between Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle on the modern battlefield. Chambered in 7.62 x 51 mm NATO, the DMR 762 delivers consistentsub-MOA precision at 100 meters with precision ammunition. The DMR 762 has a combat range of 800 metres, with suppressive fire capabilities up to 1,000 metres. The modular design of the upper receiver and handguard allows for the mounting of a variety of attachments and accessories to tailor the rifle to anymission-demand by the user. Such parts can also be mounted and removed with repeatable precision in operation. In addition to this, the quick-adjust gas operating system (short-stroke gas piston) allows optimal operation in adverse conditions or with a suppressor. Mission success is our demand.

Built to hit

The DMR 762 has been designed according to the specific requirements of Military and Law Enforcement and enables user to operate against single targets, unarmoured combat vehicles and their weapon stations or observation equipment, light sources, area surveillance equipment or similar. Both at close and long ranges, the DMR 762 delivers effective performance on target. With its folding stock the DMR 762 can be used in Close Quarter Combat to engage targets or be easily stowed for rapid deployment. The DMR 762 is compatible with a large range of ammunitions including but not limited to NATO standardized ammunition, allowing the user it to make consistent and precise hits without relying on special precision ammunition. 

Manufacturing on the highest level

Special production and coating processes give the DMR 762 outstanding product properties, such as durability and corrosive resistance. The barrel, receiver and handguard are effectively protected against abrasion, corrosion and impact. The cold-hammered barrel ensures a longer service life and precision retention. The upper and lower receiver as well as the handguard are made of 70 series aluminium. A full-length Picatinny rail (MIL-STD 1913/STANAG 2324) at 12 o’clock allows the mounting of optics and optronics, laser/light modules or other attachments. The fully M-LOK-compatible hand guard significantly reduces the weight of the weapon and offers the user mounting slots in all positions.

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.308 Win. (7,62x51mm)
815 mm / 32,1″
330 mm / 13,0″
ca 3,9 kg / 8,6 lbs
Detachable, synthetic, staggered box type
10 rounds
20 rounds
semi-automatic trigger, compatible with „drop in” AR10 trigger groups
Lateral push-through type locks trigger “cross-bolt type”
Buttstock can be folded to the right side.
Standard AR15/M4 buffer tube, for AR15/M4 buttstock.