Young hunters

Steyr Arms Young Hunters Promotion

Since 1864, the Austrian traditional company STEYR ARMS has been producing safe and precise hunting guns. It is therefore a very special concern for us to support Young Hunters in their best possible way in their everyday life and in the “Hohe Weidwerk”.

For this reason the YOUNG HUNTER PACKAGES were launched:

  • Support for the education system
  • Consulting and price advantage in the hunt for  original equipment
  • Further events


And since this year,

  • First hunting experience “My first hunting experience”

According to the hunting requirements, experienced hunting experts have compiled 5 complete weapon packages for all young hunters and female hunters and have calculated with a price advantage.

(Up to the third hunting card) can receive the enclosed vouchers for the discounted purchase of a complete gun, a Mannlicher starter kit, a Peltor hearing protection, a high-quality hunting dog weather spot, a functional XJagd rucksack and a Mannlichen safety simulator training in the selected specialist trade (Dealerinfo: 06274/20070).

Young hunters offers valid for Austria.


The first steps in the hunting ground

Today trainings for hunter takes place mainly in classrooms and behind books or computers. When acquiring a STEYR ARMS Young Hunter Package we offer to young hunters the exclusive opportunity to make the first experiences with their new weapon under the professional guidance of an experienced hunter.

The young hunter learns all about his/her new weapon. The hunt takes place in selected hunting areas. The young hunter learns how to transform the theoretical knowledge into practice.

Shooting Training

The Young Hunter makes the hunting test shot with the new hunting rifle from the backpack to 150m and “angestrichen” to 50m.

Hunting Ground Knowledge & Wildlife Ecology

The young hunter makes with his/her new rifle the hunting test shot from the backpack to 150 m and leaned to 50 m.

Hunting Opportunity

At 2 to 6 hiding and stalking hunts, the young hunter has the opportunity to stalk yearling, hind or predatory game and with a bit of luck he also comes to his first shooting.

Attendant Hunter

If you are interested, there is the possibility to be accompanied by a friend. The prices without young hunter package are € 350, -, € 650, – and € 850, -.


Offer valid in Austria.

The first hunting steps - under professional guidance


– hunting test shot
– applied Hunting Ground Knowledge
– practical Wildlife Ecology
– 2 Hiding/Stalking Hunts

€ 250,-


– hunting test shot
– applied Hunting Ground Knowledge
– practical Wildlife Ecology
– 4 Hiding/Stalking Hunts

€ 490,-


– hunting test shot
– applied Hunting Ground Knowledge
– practical Wildlife Ecology
– 4-6 Hiding/Stalking Hunts (depends on hunting ground and season)
– incl. accommodation at hunting logde

€ 690,-