Making a good rifle an even better one.

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The STEYR ARMS G36 Upgrade Kit, with its metal receiver, an improved steel barrel and the STANAG compatible magazine well provides improved precision and longer service life of the G36 assault rifle under increased thermal stress.

The metal receiver by itself increases thermal stability several times over. With this receiver, the rifle achieves a previously unattainable precision and accuracy. 

The new receiver for the STEYR ARMS G36 Upgrade Kit was developed using a material that has been used in military products for many years and is subject to a similar requirement profile. In addition, a special coating increases the service life of the weapon.

The exchangeable barrel is also characterized by its improved thermal properties and is made of a material that has also been used in military technology for many years already and has been extensively tested.

The magazine well can also be exchanged, thus ensuring the use of commonly used STANAG pattern magazines. 

The components of this upgrade kit (receiver, barrel and magazine well) can be mounted independently on an existing G36 without any modifications.

In addition to the technical advantages for all units that already have the G36 in service, other important advantages are decisive for the use of the STEYR ARMS G36 Upgrade Kit:

The operability for the user does not change. Acquired abilities and muscle memory, especially important in combat operations, is retained.

Units trained on the G36 retain their acquired knowledge and their familiarity.

The existing support structure of the G36 can remain unchanged, including weapon mounts (both static and vehicular), along with training systems.

Almost the entire spare parts logistics chain for the G36 remains in service and can continue to be used.

All weapons already acquired can be “upgraded“ and are subsequentlyaccurate and fully operational.

The sustainability principle is thus guaranteed.

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