SHOOTING GROUND STEYR ARMS Shooting center Wiener Neustadt

Customer Information

Dear Customers,

we are happy to inform you that the Steyr Arms Hunting and Shooting Center will be open again at our regular opening hours from January 20th 2021!

Please note the COVID-19 regulation:

• The store will be closed and you can reserve our entire assortment via email and phone and pick up/hand over on site.
• Mouth and nose masks FFP2 are to be worn on site (If you do not have one, you can purchase an FFP2 mask on site)
• Keep your distance – min. 1 meter

Bullet rifle range- Information:
Due to the COVID-19 regulation, bullet rifle range is in limited operation,so we may politely ask for your patience on site and expect increased time.
To check the accuracy of your rifle and optics, the Steyr-Arms team will be please to assist you.

Shotgun range – Information:
The outdoor shotgun ranges are all open and COVID-19 regulations must be obeyed.

We look forward to your visit,
Your Steyr Arms Hunting and Shooting Center Team


The STEYR ARMS SHOOTING CENTER Wiener Neustadt is one of the biggest and most modern shooting grounds on international standards. Beside the shooting ground you’ll find a gunsmith, the STEYR ARMS Shop, the STEYR ARMS shooting academy and a restaurant.

If you decide to leave your own weapon at home, there is a wide range of lean-weapons.

For more than 10 persons, we are pleased to take your reservations.

Expecting your visit.




At the bullet stands there are only rifles with optics (4x min.) permitted!


Rifle standsMembersOthers
50 / 100 m 1/2 hr. € 6,00 € 9,00
200 / 300 m 1/2 hr. € 9,50 € 12,50
100 / 200 / 300 m 1/2 hr. € 10,00 € 13,00
Running boar 1/2 hr. € 10,00 € 13,00
Pistol 1/2 hr. € 7,00 € 10,00
Shotgun standsMembersOthers
Trap / Skeet / Young hunter stand series € 7,50 € 10,50
Hunting parcours series € 7,50 € 10,50
Loan weapons Members Others
Rifle / Shotgun / Pistol€ 10,00€ 10,00

Subject to changes. Prices valid from 01.01.2015


Clay shooting

01Weapons have to be carried dropped, rifle slings need to be removed!
02Reloading the weapon is only allowed on the designated shooter stands!
03Right after the shot the rifle has to be dropped immediately!
04Only targets that are intended for this by the operator may be shot at the stand!
05Setting up of cartons, boxes and other targets for firing is prohibited!
06Maximum shot size on the entire area = 2.5mm
07Slugs and other bullet types are strictly prohibited!
08All discuses may only be shot by one shooter!
09Semi-automatic shotguns may only be loaded with 2 cartridges!

Rifle and pistol

01Weapons have to be carried on the shooting range with open lock or tilted drum. The magazine need to be found at self-loading weapons!
02Rifle slings need to be removed!
03Weapons and their ammunition have to be deposited on the designated shelf with the muzzle in direction of back stop!
04Waffen oder Magazine dürfen nur an der Feuerlinie im Schützenstand geladen werden! Weapons or magazines are only allowed to be loaded at the firing line in the firing station!
05It’s not allowed to put a loaded weapon out of hands, even if it is secured!
06First the weapon needs to be unloaded and the lock or drum opened!
07Shooting target exercises with weapons are only allowed in the firing station with the direction of the muzzle to the back stop!
08If somebody is in front of the fire line, weapons and magazines remain on the shelf!
09Shooters who turn around with a loaded weapon in the firing point or otherwise frivolously endanger others are expelled from the firing point!

Overall regulations

01Each shooter has to take care of the adequate insurance by himself!
02Each shooter is responsible for his shots and is liable for damage to property and individuals!
03Follow the instructions of the stand staff!
04In case of violation of the shooting stand rules a referee will be issued!

Area plan