Warranty & Customer Elite Experience Registration

Congratulations on your new purchase from Steyr Arms USA! Get the most out of your firearm by registering your product with our Limited Lifetime Warranty and Customer Elite Experience Program. See full terms and conditions of the Steyr Warranty on our Warranty Terms Page, along with instructions on how to make a warranty claim.

We are now proud to offer new elite benefits as a result of becoming a Steyr owner. From our Limited Lifetime Warranty, to our personalized Concierge Service, we are fully committed to offering our dealers and customers the very best available. We have always guaranteed one MOA accuracy, and now we want to show our customer’s how to reach that potential as part of their Elite Experience. We're dedicated to proving the truth of our slogan: "Become a Steyr Elite. Know the Steyr Difference."

For details on everything included in the Steyr Elite Experience, see the SteyrDifference.com.

Steyr Arms. For Those Who Know the Difference.

Warranty Registration