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Steyr AUG A3 M1

Product Review (submitted on March 4, 2017):

I had never seen or handled a Steyr Aug A3 M1 before purchasing this rifle. I wanted something different than an AR15, and I found the perfect answer. This gun is more maneuverable than an AR, lighter than an AR, and the built in optic is top notch. I love the balance and the feel of this gun.

I now own a true battle rifle. My only disappointment is that shell casings have marred/nicked a small area to the rear of the ejection port. I don't understand why Steyr could not finish this small area/section with an expoxy/grit finish to keep the stock from being marred/knicked up.

The bottom line is it's a lot more fun to shoot guns than clean guns, so I'm going to enjoy this rifle a lot. Dependability, reliability, accuracy, & simplicity in the field have contributed to this becoming my favorite firearm.

It's the most money I have ever spent on a gun. I called Steyr Arms and discussed my potential purchase with them before I pulled the trigger (LOL). No regrets on this one.

If you buy an AUG be prepared for lots of questions from gawkers when you bring it to the firing range.
There are lots of folks unfamiliar with this cool futuristic looking rifle.