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Steyr AUG A3 M1

Product Review (submitted on January 19, 2017):

I have had this rifle for about 2 years now and love it, I can't believe how accurate it is, especially with it's trigger which is not that great at all, but overall it is still awesome. My main complaint is it has no shell deflector and also Steyr doesn't offer a 300 Blackout barrel for it. I called Steyr last year and ask if they would start making a 300 Blackout barrel for it and was told "NO". IAs I stated to the rep Tavor and others offer theirs in 300 but he still said no. I would buy another one if they offered it in 300 or a least a barrel but as it stands I will buy a Tavor or a Lithgow Atrax when it becomes available. It looks like Steyr would jump on the 300 as popular as it is becoming and I have several friends that also want the 300 in the AUG and have seen several post on line of Steyr owners wanting a 300 in it, I guess Steyr doesn't care what their customers want.