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Steyr Scout

Product Review (submitted on January 14, 2017):

Honestly, this rifle is awesome! It's lightweight, accurate and very ergonomic. Everyone that has seen my .308W Steyr Scout questions me at length about it. They can't believe it's as light as it is and has the features that it does. Mr. Cooper knew what he was doing when he conceptualized this rifle. My time at the range is spent mostly talking about Steyr rifles. The Scout is paired with a Steyr AUG to complete my do-everything 2-gun combo. I realized last year, that I just had gun after gun sitting in my safe collecting dust. All of my ARs, AKs, bolt guns and high dollar optics were sold off and I moved completely to the Steyr brand of rifles. I had owned a few in the past and they served me well. The AUG is the perfect 5.56 companion rifle to the 7.62 Scout. These both cover all my needs 100%.

This past hunting season, I took a nice 8-point buck with the Scout. It has become a general purpose/ranch rifle for me on my 100 acre property. I do not use it with a Scout scope. I mounted a conventional Leupold 3-9X Patrol rifle scope. It will get a thermal imager for predator hunting soon. Having fewer higher quality weapons means that I can purchase better optics.

Thank you, Steyr! This is the best hunting/tactical bolt action rifle on the market.