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Steyr A1 Pistol Series

Product Review (submitted on December 23, 2015):

Bought Steyr M9-A1 several years ago, & love it. Had one FTF on 1st time out, but got excellent support from Steyr Arms & Steyr Club Forum, & no issues since. My wife was new to shooting, 1st gun was Bersa Thunder .380 after shooting a friends, but just really didn't like it. One day she wanted to try my Steyr, and promptly pegged out center target at 7 yards 2nd time on range. Needless to say, her next words were " I want this gun!" So, I sold her Bersa, and moved on to my next Steyr. Got the Steyr C40-A1 from Buds, delivered to my FFL Wednesday. Hit the range this weekend, and all I have to say is I LOVE THIS GUN!! For me, it simply has the best feel of ANY pistol I've held. Workmanship is incredible, and handles, in my opinion, BETTER than my M9. Overall balance is incredible, recoil barely noticeable for a 4 inch barrel .40 cal. 200 rounds right out of box, after initial clean of course, ZERO ISSUES. Actually outperformed in accuracy over my M9 . Highly recommend ANY Steyr, once you've held it and shot it, i& if you can adjust to the trap sights, you' ll never go back. Trap sights and counter weighted barrel make target reacquistion fast and reliable.