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Steyr SSG 04

Product Review (submitted on September 14, 2017):

I was not aware that you could order these guns from Steyr. That's awesome. I have the SSG 04 in .308 Win. I can tell you that pictures just do not do this rifle justice. This is an amazing rifle for the money. I came about mine by a lucky fluke. I ordered an SSG-69 from a major local dealer that ended up having a manufacturing flaw related to the dove tail scope ring mounts that could not be fixed. Steyr offered to upgrade me to the SSG 04 for a modest charge because the SSG 69 had just gone out of production. My Dad has the Steyr Pro Hunter Heavy Barrel in .308 which I new to be a great highly accurate shooter. He has an NF Bench Rest scope on the gun. You just can't find any other Steyr models at dealers in North Georgia so I had not had the chance to see the SSG 04 in the person. I could not be more happy. This gun will shoot a 1" group at 200 yards from a bench with a bipod. I use an NF NSX 5.5-22x56 scope and shoot 168 gr Nosler Custom Comp BTHP. My gun club has a 520 yard plate range. With this gun its too easy to hit the smallest plate at 500 yards. I need to find a longer range or smaller plates.