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Steyr SSG 08

Product Review (submitted on December 28, 2016):

I purchased the SSG-08 chambered in .308 two years ago and I continue to fall in love with it every time I pull it from the safe. Being a partner at Strategic Edge Gun Range in middle Tennessee where many of our members shoot professionally, it is not uncommon to see incredibly expensive customs on the firing line every day. I've been a fan of Steyr since my LE days where I was issued a SSG69PII. Mine is topped with S&B PMII glass held by a Spuhr mount. I also purchased the heavy bi-pod with it when I first purchased it. Of course my custom rifles can shoot smaller groups on great days but that's not really the point. Custom guns are finicky and inconsistent. This gun is the most consistent gun I own. It will digest anything and shoot it well. My best hand-loads produce 1/4 minute groups on a good day but my worst hand-loads and high-end factory rounds still produce 1/2 minute groups. The gun is almost boring to shoot because it sits there and moves very little when firing. You can easily volley follow up shots as quickly as you can cycle another round into the chamber. It is simply a work of art. Every time I pull it out on the range someone asks, "what chasis is that, I love it.", thinking its a custom setup. It is just that rare to see one on the range. I know at least 20 members of our range who shoot the SAKO TRG and a couple with SSG69's or PMII's but I'm the only one who sports the SSG08.