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Steyr AUG A3 M1

Product Review (submitted on February 4, 2016):

If this was a U.S. made weapon we would be supplied these as our main battle rifle in the military. The accuracy is absolutely mind blowing considered how physically compact this rifle is. It still houses a full length barrel in the bullpup design, but the barrel axis is low and gives you that real steadiness the AR types lack. I have hunted and bagged MANY wild boars with this bad boy using only the built in scope for my optics. It comes apart in seconds and cleans in minutes after a full day shooting over 200 rounds. My M16 in the Army was a filthy mess after 20 rounds, and took hours to clean. The AR15 now can be bought with a gas piston system that is suppose to help alleviate this headache, but guess what! the Aug has had one from the starting gate and is way stronger and better in every conceivable way. Did I mention it comes apart in three pieces? Buy one! It is everything you need and nothing you don't. Also it is not covered with cheese grater rails, plus if you ever managed to burn out the drop forged barrel, you can replace it in seconds with a new one. with no tools. Don't believe me look it up on you-tube.