Zephyr II - Fan Review

Zephyr II - Fan Review

She’s classic. She’s elegant. She’s a Steyr.

This Austrian beauty is the evolution of the original Zephyr produced with modern tech to meet extremely high standards of quality. A pleasing combination of top steel and wood components, this sporting rifle is made for hunting small game. The Zephyr II is made with European walnut layered with fish scale texturing over the stock grip. While we have heard nothing but great things about the Zephyr II so far, here’s a glowing review from one of our most loyal and satisfied customers supporting this product:

“I stopped in my local Amish gun store about a week ago. I actually hadn’t been in for a couple years as there just wasn’t anything out there in new classic styled rifles that excited me. When I was there, Dale, who works in the gun department, said, ‘Todd I got something you might be interested in.’ He then handed me a new Steyr Zephyr II in 17 HMR. I just stood there quietly staring at the beautiful classic rifle! The butter knife bolt handle which I’ve always loved, the petite European cheek piece so nicely executed, the forging lines on the outside of the barrel and all the metal nicely matte finished. I just stood there and thought- somebody finally gets it! Somebody understands and knows how to build a beautiful classic rifle that feels like an extension of my arm when shouldering it. Somebody knows how to build a beautiful and super smooth rimfire action. Somebody designed a light and crisp trigger right out of the box. Somebody installed a handsome set of sling swivels on the rifle. Somebody knows how to build a beautiful production classic rifle that is equal to any custom built rifle. That somebody is Steyr!

So, after purchasing the rifle I came home and mounted a Leupold 3X9 Rimfire scope and put two oiled patches through the barrel. That was all I did, and then I went up to The Woodchuck Den test range. I wanted to see how this rifle would shoot right out of the box. It was cold and the ground snow covered with a gentle breeze. I took a few shots to zero the rifle at fifty yards and then placed the target at 100 yards. I watched the wind flags for a moment and then the calm and boil of mirage on the target. I thought back to my benchrest shooting days and decided to shoot the mirage. I shot this five shot group and was just thrilled when I approached the target. It measured .385 and four of the five shots at .190!

In a world of synthetic stocked rifles, this beautiful and very accurate classic rifle is a breath of fresh air!

As you can see, the Zephyr II is set apart from the rest with its superb, Austrian-made quality. Hunt one down to add to your rifle collection at https://www.steyr-arms.com/us/zephyrii.html.

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