Warranty Department Spotlight

Warranty Department Spotlight


“This is a very well-engineered gun that is designed to last.”

                                                                                                                    -Jeff, Steyr Arms Warranty Department

Manufactured in Austria, Steyr Arms uses the best polymer to produce firearms of true quality.

The quality of Steyr Arms’ guns is so great that two industry veterans lead the warranty department due to the low number of repairs they receive.

Jeff Reece and Herbert Wohlmuth are the men behind the department and explained in-depth how Steyr produces their firearms.

Herbert is originally from Austria and has been with Steyr since 1976. Along with daily inventory and any needed repairs, he is currently working on the assembly of the AUG. Herbert explained that Steyr’s technique for making its barrels is, “a true innovation.”

The process permits the bore and the external shape of the barrel to be produced in a single operation. There is no longer a need for finish turning the conically hammered barrel so that the compacted skin layer is preserved intact, avoiding the stress distortion liable to occur because of any subsequent machining of the barrel. The hammer marks (protected by patent) produced on the external surface of the barrel- during the impact-forging process endow the barrel with a unique appearance which indicates a barrel offering the aforementioned advantages and can be regarded as a hallmark of high quality. The external hammer marks are a feature that is widely appreciated by discerning customers.

Jeff has been with Steyr for 13 years, working in the warranty department with pistols. “Of all the pistols sold since 2005, I only have 2 on my bench for repair.”

He gave us insight into Steyr Arms’ unique safety features.

“The key lock safety feature is rare in the industry. It is an internal safety with an external key. When the key is turned to lock it, it will not fire. Even if the gun was dropped it wouldn’t fire. It is especially good for families with children in the house and another aspect of Steyr’s commitment to responsible gun ownership and safety.”

It is but just one of the many reasons to purchase from Steyr.

 “Steyr is so reliable, the trigger pull is very good, and the feel of it in your hand, all of that, plus the key safety feature makes Steyr the best on the market.”

                                                                                                             -Herbert, Steyr Arms Warranty Department