Pre-season Hunting Tips

Hunting season is right around the corner!  Are you ready? We sat down with Scott Irwin, seasoned hunter and account manager at Steyr Arms, to get a few of his best tips for what to do in the pre-season to get ready for opening day.

1.     Scouting

Scouting is crucial when it comes to pre-season preparation. You must pattern your deer for bow season and pattern them again for gun season, as the deer will change their routine significantly. Take out the guess work by putting the time in to properly scout before each hunting season opens. You will reap great rewards when the season actually opens.

2.     Control Human Scent

Deer associate danger with the human scent. You can take a shower, wash your clothes in non-scent soap and spray your boots, but many people do not realize they need to spray their ground blinds and stands. Deer will recognize a new object in their habitat, but not necessarily associate it with humans unless the scent lingers.

3.     Sight your rifle and/or practice with your bow

It is important to practice with your bow and/or sight your rifle before every season. Many hunters sight their gun and use it all year, then put it away when the season is over without re-sighting it. The crosshairs can move even if the gun is not bumped or moved in any way. Always take your rifle out before the season begins and re-sight it back in, just to be sure. Likewise, it is equally important for bowhunters to practice with their bows before hitting the field. Make sure your sight, arrows, broadheads and bow are all working properly and you are hitting the target at the distances you will be hunting from in the field. Practice, practice, practice.

Scott also emphasizes being prepared for rain. “Always be ready for a quick shower. Have a rain jacket in your backpack just in case. You can be sitting in your tree stand and it’s nice one minute, but if a small shower comes thru you will be wet the rest of your hunt, that’s no fun.”

Follow these tips from Scott and be ready to enjoy a safe and successful hunting season.