Friday, July 13, 2012 - Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta

Steyr’s Scout/SSG 08 hybrid delivers the pirate-dropping goods out to 800+ yards!

The 15.7-inch Picatinny rail allows snipers to mount the latest NV devices or laser designators in line with optics.

There are two Steyr bolt-action rifles that have become benchmarks in recent rifle history: the Steyr Scout all-around rifle and the SSG 08 sniper rifle. The Scout, designed by the late Col. Jeff Copper, has been with us for more than two decades and has proven to be the design to use when things get tough and you can only have one rifle. In those extreme conditions, it will serve its owner with foolproof reliability, incredible versatility and Steyr’s legendary accuracy.

On the other side of the spectrum, the SSG 08 was designed from the ground up to be an all-out sniper rifle. It’d be tough to come up with any critical flaws in its design, despite being a tad heavy, but that is a burden most sniper rifles possess in order to offset recoil. The SSG 08 has taken all the military sniper contracts it has participated in by storm, with a winning combination of accuracy, ruggedness and tactical features. Mixing these two dynamic Steyr rifles could not bring anything other than what I consider the best all-round, lightweight, law enforcement sniper rifle in the market.

Elite Heritage

Personally, I always loved Col. Cooper’s minimalistic approach to rifles. In the numerous conversations I had with him about the Scout, we always agreed on most issues, but differed on some, too. The area of scopes was one of them. He liked optical scopes placed up front, and I wanted my Aimpoint there. I know we could have agreed on the Aimpoint issue, eventually, but not on the other controversy we had: For me, 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds) was too light for a .308 bolt-action rifle.

As with the Steyr Scout, a loaded five-round magazine can be stored safely in the stock for quick reloads.

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