Interview with Academy Director Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta

A history of superior ergonomics, accuracy and reliability has set Steyr apart from other manufacturers since 1864. Today, our match-grade firearms continue to expand upon our legendary reputation for building the best firearms out of the box. With this superior quality in mind, we have created the Steyr Training Academy to teach individual shooters how to match their personal accuracy to that of the Steyr rifles they are shooting.

During our 5th Annual Open House, we were joined by our friend Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta, a world champion long-range competitor with more than 25 years of experience as a military/law enforcement sniper trainer and armorer. Eduardo is also the director of the Steyr Arms Training Academy. Eduardo’s experience and passion create a personal training environment, guaranteeing to teach you how to become a shooter with Steyr-like accuracy.

Steyr builds super-accurate rifles, and the Steyr Training Academy builds super-accurate shooters.

In the video below, Eduardo explains what the Steyr Training Academy strives to accomplish in the SPR-I class.

Check here for upcoming courses and how to register! Our newest courses include SPAC (Pistol Armorer) and SAAC (AUG Armorer) courses.