A Closer Look at AUG Assembly

A Closer Look at AUG Assembly

The Steyr “Armee Universal Gewehr,” or AUG, translated as “Universal Army Rifle” has been one of the most recognizable rifles in the world since its adoption by the Austrian army in 1977. Now for civilian use, the AUG is an icon among all rifles.

Using its one-of-a-kind technique, Steyr is the only importer and facility allowed to produce the AUG in the U.S.

Most of the materials used to build the AUG come from our factory in Austria, but some of the parts that must be produced in the U.S. come from various vendors around the country.

Below is a detailed description of the assembly process Steyr uses for the 40th Anniversary AUG model. The process in full takes approximately one hour to complete and requires three people.

The first step is taking the raw receiver and adding the cocking assembly (pictured).

AUG cocking assembly

AUG raw receiver

After that, the optic or accessory rails are added to the top of the receiver.

AUG rail and optic options

The bolt group is fit into the corresponding, serial-numbered receiver. This assembly is then fit into the correct stock per model type.

AUG Bolt group fitment

The barrel assembly and gas system are then installed to create a completed Steyr AUG.

AUG gas system adjustment

AUG barrel installation

We use a few types of fixtures and machine tools to create some of the above assemblies in our AUG shop. This tool (pictured left) allows us to install guide sleeves, and this tool (right) assists with the gas block installation process. 

AUG guide sleeve installation    AUG gas block installation

This fixture (below top left) assists with the barrel assembly, while the (below top right) aids with the barrel button release process. Finally, we have a fixture for stock assembly (below bottom left) before moving onto the full AUG assembly process described above.

Barrel assembly fixture    AUG barrel button release fixture    

The military grade and precision of the Steyr AUG is the reason for its iconic reputation and continued praise. For more information about the AUG or any of our firearms please visit our website at http://steyr-arms.com/us.