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X JAGD "Circle 2" Hardshell Men's Pants

X JAGD Net Balaclava

X JAGD Net Balaclava

X JAGD Net Pants

These simple, comfortable slip-in-trousers are lightweight and completely silent, for the perfect camouflage. They are 100% polyester.

As low as $34.99

These simple, comfortable slip-in-pants are lightweight and completely silent, for the perfect camouflage. They are 100% polyester.

Sizes S - XL | Size Chart

More Information
All Season: Clothing can be worn all year round.

Ambush Hunting: Well-suited for ambush hunting by way of reinforced seams and warm materials.
Deer Stalking: Well-suited for deer stalking through the type of cut and noiseless materials.

Elastic: The elastic material makes it incredibly comfortable and allows for ultimate freedom of movement.

Noiseless: We’ve specially developed these materials to be completely noiseless.


WOODLAND Effect: This design is particularly suitable for areas with enclosed and dense forest vegetation.

MOUNTAIN Effect: This design is the best choice for medium and high altitudes in the Alps, Rocky Mountains, or Carpathian Mountains, or areas mainly characterized by stone and rock formations.

SAVANNA Effect: This design is best for areas with dry sand, stone and earth formations, as well as grasslands. This applies to nearly any African hunting grounds.

TUNDRA Effect: This design is perfect for all kinds of winter, snow-covered regions, including high altitude rocky areas and highlands.

FLASH Effect: This design has dual properties of both camouflage and caution. It combines a maximum amount of camouflage with the highest level of safety, and can be used across all kinds of hunting grounds with different vegetation.
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