Merkel GEAR Paläarktis Women's Mountain Pants

Merkel GEAR Paläarktis Women's Mountain Pants

Merkel GEAR Suspenders


When hunting pants are equipped for a day trip, it can quickly become extremely difficult on the legs. In such a case the Merkel GEAR suspenders are essential: made of three 5 cm-wide elastic straps, this harness can withstand and distribute the weight of heavy pants, to provide relief on the shoulders. The wide Velcro strips, which can be used to set the harness to the desired length, have multiple relief segments, so even the stiff Velcro parts can consistently absorb the weight of your pants. The suspenders easily attach to the loops on the Merkel GEAR pants, and also have the classy look of the Merkel GEAR logo pattern. A must for your hunting pants!

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Outer Fabric: 91% polyester, 9% elastane

Design: Two-Color
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