Merkel K3 Jagd 7mm Rem Single Shot Rifle - Includes Z3 Swarovski 3x10-42 Scope

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Price includes Z3 Swarovski 3x10-42 Scope. The single barrel rifle is a special gun. Aficionados value its optimised shot performance to weight ratio. A special form of single-barrel rifle, the Stutzen, is mainly found in Alpine regions. The K3 single shot Stutzen is a variation on the K class, which combines the short rifle with the full barrel stock forearm. Lovers of this special gun appreciate its handiness in practice – when stalking, in the raised hide and also in transport. The K3 Stutzen combines impressive shortness with efficient gun technology.

MEM single shot rifles of the Merkel K class have gained a special reputation for distance shooting among precision marksmen. These single barrel guns are predestined for hunting in mountainous regions and for stalking. They combine easy-to-handle size with low weight - ideal prerequisites for this physically demanding type of hunting.

The K class locks with a typical MEM technology, which the Suhl gunmaker Franz Jäger patented in 1906, and which since then is considered one of the most rugged breech for single shot rifles. A steel block catches into a keyway of the barrel and locks it - the steel on steel principle applies. The tilted block breech allows a light duralumin receiver to be used, which enhances the responsiveness of the light-weight K3.

The finely tuned trigger with perfectly adjustable trigger weight is a further indication that this gun class is designed for the precision shot; as does the simple but exactly repeatable Suhl tilt-up mount. Although technically innovative, the form of this hunting gun draws on the traditional Suhl style. The stock has the Merkel curvature; the side plates are inlayed in a prism and fastened with engraved screws.

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