Merkel .450/.400 160AE Safari (#2 of 3)

Merkel .450/.400 160AE Safari (#2 of 3)

Merkel 500 NE 160 AE Safari (#3 of 3)

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The side-by-side rifle is the traditional gun used for high-class big game hunting - a hunting gun befitting its station. Classic areas of application are hunting situations where a quick and sure second shot is needed - e.g. the driven hunt. Merkel precision engineering has also made sure that the side-by-side rifle also cuts a good figure on the high seat. The set trigger option gives the gun precision-shot capability.

The side-by-side rifle is not only a very elegant gun; it is also very reliable and responsive. All the mechanical systems are doubled and can thus function autonomously. That is the reason why experienced hunters value this rifle. To this day, the side-by-side rifle calls big game hunting in Africa to mind - but its legend lives on in every other region of the world. Inbuilt power and safety reserves are part of Merkel's quality concept. The Merkel side-by-side rifle is the basis for the Merkel top-down principle for all side-by-side guns. The actions of lower load guns are identical with those of the high-power safari rifles - even if the side-by-side shotguns only fire low-load shot.

Traditionally, the big game hunter in the stories told around the campfire and in yellowing photographs is always carrying a side-by-side gun. And not without reason: the hunt for dangerous game has its own set of rules. Rifles used for this type of adventure must fulfill very specific, demanding requirements. In addition to tried-and-tested high-power big game caliber, Merkel side-by-side rifles of the Africa series offer everything the hunter needs to successfully and safely meet the challenges of the Safari. Robustness, reliability and intuitive handling - these are the properties that matter when every split second counts. The recoil and balance of these unique rifles are optimized by the inert mass in the buttstock and barrel set, which have been exactly calculated by Merkel. The resultant greater weight reduces the recoil. This enables the gun to be kept on target for the rapid second shot - experience the Merkel Africa Express.


The precision and reliability of Merkel safari rifles has delighted big game hunters and heads of state for generations. The 160 version combines the largest calibre with sidelocks which also offers our engravers additional scope of decorating the long sidelocks. One of the most beautiful rifles for the most exciting form of hunting. This particular double rifle is rifle 3 of 3 in a unique series, perfect for collectors, the only three of their kind in the entire world. All three are inlaid with gold engravings. The right side of rifle 3 depicts a gold jaguar and rhino. The left side depicts a golden buffalo and lion. The underside has engraving as well that depicts a golden elephant along with the “American Safari Series 3 of 3” which identifies each unique double rifle in this rare series.

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