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2020 is a year that presents us with constant challenges.

Here comes another one:

Virtual Challenge 2020

Unfortunately, this year we cannot look for the toughest hunters in the Alps – but for the fittest hunters in the world.

In order to determine this, we will unite you with hunters around the globe in the 2nd week of October.

Wherever you are; you fight in teams of four, you run, you shoot and you finish as a team.

40 kilometers – 12 hits around the world

Video content: From our breathtaking STEYR CHALLENGE 2019. Hopefully we’ll get similar shots in 2021, at the biggest challenge for hunters!

The Event

How does the virtual challenge work in detail?

You register here:

Your team captain uploads all information.

Then you decide on one of the two options:


You can download the targets from our website
and after the run a certificate as a PDF for your team.

Entry fee: 0 € / Team


In addition to downloading the targets, you will receive four exclusive STEYR Challenge T-shirts, four medals & of course your certificates

Entry fee: 80 € / Team

Video content: From our breathtaking STEYR CHALLENGE 2019. Hopefully we’ll get similar shots in 2021, at the biggest challenge for hunters!

The event October 12-18, 2020

You have a week to complete the two tasks of the V.C. To be done in 2020.

1. You run in a team or individually a distance of 10km and track the time either with your mobile phone or your sports watch. (garmin, runtastic, etc.) and record the result with a screenshot.

2. You print out the target four times and drive to the firing range you trust.
Each team member fires three shots at his target at a distance of 100 meters.
Please take a photo of each shooter and then photograph / scan your four target targets with the penalty seconds achieved.
Then you upload until Monday, October 19th at 9:00 a.m. C.E.T. the following on this page:

• a team photo
• the four running times
• the four shooting results
• the four photos of the team members shooting

Your results will be evaluated and published after the event.

The winners

The first 3 teams will get an exclusive goody bag and a fixed starting place for the next STEYR CHALLENGE at the Seetaler Alpe – hopefully already in 2021!

... and the losers

We know that you can cheat at an event like this.
Still, you’re just screwing yourself.
And we’ll figure it out.
Latest at the mountain honesty will pay off. Running at almost 2000 meters above sealevel, with a backpack, while abseiling, shooting hands-free … and the mountain knows no mercy!
(Neither do we.)

So in all honesty, you’re not doing yourself a favor and you are cheating on all fair participants who abide by all the rules – something that we should have learned in 2020.

We trust in your athletic ambition and your determination.

Photo: From our breathtaking STEYR CHALLENGE 2019. We hope for many teams in 2021!


See you …
… online at October 12th …
… and in 2021 on the mountain.

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