Beside accuracy and reliability safety has always been a main specific for the weapons from STEYR ARMS. Was it our SBS™ (safe bolt system), the 2+1 stage safetyor the latest hand cocking system H.C.S.™ of the STEYR MANNLICHER SM12®.

For the 150 year anniversary STEYR ARMS comes up with a new idea:

Was it the safety of the rifle we focused on in the past, it’s now the hunter and his skills we’d like to improve.

For this reason STEYR ARMS created the first ever SAFETY TRAINING FOR SHOOTING SIMULATORS.

Therefore STEYR ARMS included not only game, but also beaters, dogs and cars in it’s new shooting simulator to simulate the conditions of a driven hunt and train the shooter to stay cool and under control at any time of the hunt.

STEYR ARMS makes its contribution to safety at driven hunts with this new system.


available only for Austria, Germany and Switzerland

STEyR ARMS Shooting Center

1 Film á 7 min. incl. analysis € 15,-
1 Hour € 60,-

Fixing an appointment by telephone is strongly recommended as the shooting cinema is not always on site.

Shooting Cinema mobile

Incl. drive to destination within 150 km € 500,- and assembly and dismantling on site 4 hours safety training

Every further hour € 70,-
Drive to destination is more than 150 km, per km € 0,50

Costs for multi-day events or in case of need of an overnight stay after personal agreement.

Space needed indoor:

min. 10x5m with power supply. Possibility of darkening.

Space needed outdoor:

min. 10x15m plane ground with good possibilit for access and power supply. Any necessary approvals and/or registrations on site are the customer’s responsibility.